Companionway hatches

Design and engineering innovation, a "can-do" attitude and exceptional experience drive Rondal's ability to meet the most challenging briefs for custom companionway hatches.

Leading naval architects and yards come to Rondal for elegant, reliable and hi-spec solutions for custom companionway hatches of all shapes and sizes, materials and operational modes.

Design aesthetics are increasingly seen to be as important as operational reliability and water-tightness. A recent electric hatch employs the same principles as a roll-away French blind. The Rondal team is now applying the visual minimalism of its flush sliding hatch to companionway hatches with a new concept that will sink effortlessly inwards before gliding sideways out of sight.

Most Rondal companionway hatches are electrically-driven but pneumatic, hydraulic and manually-operated systems are also employed. Whatever the system or the mode, the aim is the same: to achieve quiet, reliable and efficient operation with an exterior aesthetic that is perfectly in tune with the yacht.

Principal features:

  • The hatch panels can be made from a wide variety of materials including perspex, glass or teak.
  • The frame can be constructed from aluminium, stainless steel or composite.
  • Weather-tightness is provided by an airseal.