Spars & Rigging

More than 38 years ago Rondal began to construct state-of-the-art spars for high quality sea-going yachts and offshore racers. There has been a revolution in the materials and technologies employed since, but certain things remain consistent.

First, the vast repository of mast design and build experience at Rondal that grows year by year to further enrich every project undertaken.

Second, Rondal’s commitment to the highest quality research to inform the continuing enhancement of its own, unique building processes.

Working together with top quality suppliers of standing rigging, Rondal ensures the perfect integration of the spars and the standing rigging, calculating all the correct lengths and using the fittings most suited to the yacht.

If a project is large, sophisticated or challenging, it calls for Rondal expertise.

Think ahead

  • First 70m+ one piece carbon mast
  • First to employ aerospace research
  • First to co-develop proprietary resin
  • First roll-away slab-reefing boom