Aluminium masts

Almost four decades of experience underpin the unsurpassable quality and reliability of Rondal designed-and-built aluminium masts. The Rondal team understands the importance of style as well as of structural integrity; and the value of minute attention to detail in engineering winch bases, mast/spreader connections, spreader lights and other fittings.

Masthead, gooseneck and other components are designed, cut and milled with optimum precision using computer-assisted machinery. Stainless parts are fitted with the greatest care to avoid corrosion occurring from direct contact.

Rondal masts can be constructed from extruded aluminium sections, offering lower costs as a result of relatively standardised parts. Plate masts, constructed from Alustar aluminium plate, are lighter, can be built to any size and specification, and are engineered to the precise Moment of Inertia (both longitudinal and transversal) required over the full length of the mast. Alustar is more resilient to fatigue and corrosion and retains more strength after welding than the traditional alloy used in yacht building.

Plate masts are constructed from 6m lengths of plate, rolled to a pre-calculated curvature to obtain the desired shape and taper. Thinner plates are used in the upper mast section, resulting in a lighter mast with a lower centre of gravity.

All aluminium masts are completed with a two-component polyurethane paint finish, in virtually any colour the client chooses.

Aluminium Specials

Rondal’s expertise is often called upon for highly individual or challenging mast projects. A recent example is the construction of twin 45m aluminium A-frame masts, together with booms and spreaders, rigging, winches, deck equipment, furlers and hydraulics, for the new Greenpeace campaigning vessel, the 58m Rainbow Warrior.


These can be open or closed, constructed from aluminium or stainless steel, and incorporate mountings for all types of equipment as well as connection systems appropriate to the mast and rigging specifications.