Battencar system

Rondal’s new batten car systems offer a better way to raise the main.

Numerous small parts play an essential role in the safe and reliable operation of a modern superyacht, not least an efficient and reliable batten car system. The increased focus on performance has resulted in increased loads on all sail handling items with heavily roached mainsails, in particular, adding greatly to the pressure of the batten into the mast.

Without a very high level of efficiency and reliability – including the resilience to withstand operational error – batten car foul-ups risk costly damage to the main as well as downtime for the yacht. And, of course, the timing is never right: a fouled hoist can all too easily mean being late on the start line, if not missing the race.

 Setting our sights

The Rondal team set simple, clear objectives to improve on current systems:

  •  The ability to hoist the sail without slowing down (stopping) as each batten car enters the track
  • No increase required in bolt rope diameter as batten size increases
  • Size and weight to be minimized, especially for the track, without prejudice to performance
  • A light, user-friendly system with much reduced chances of  damage to sail or mast track