The complete captive reel system includes Rondal’s unique deck-level feeder (or a control line winch) which, together with single-layer rope stowage on the winch, ensures a smooth flow under constant tension, without risk of snatching or jamming.

Rondal pioneered the deck feeder concept that enables yards and designers to determine the best below-deck installation position for reel winches while still retaining optimal line angles for sheets and halyards.

Hydraulically driven, the feeder keeps the rope between the reel winch and the deck under constant tension through precise sequencing of reel and feeder operations. Engineered from hard-anodised aluminium, the feeders are available in a large range of sizes and styles with almost limitless custom variations to suit the precise needs of the project. The latest feeders have been upgraded for very high speed operation, avoiding the need to handle flogging sheets and so contributing greatly to crew safety.

  • Available in several types and two standard sizes.
  • Left hand and right hand configuration.
  • Remote belt drive option for tight installation locations.

Custom options include larger diameter sheaves, stainless steel sheaves and heavier bearings for very high load angles.