RW1: Standard captive reel winch

Proven for robustness, resilience and reliability over many tens of thousands of ocean miles, the RW1 is built to last from hard-anodised aluminium. The robust drum house, hydraulic drive and oilbath gearbox ensure virtually silent running and negligible maintenance.

The drum takes a single layer of rope, its length being calculated on the rope’s required working length and diameter.

A stainless steel spindle alongside the drum moves a car with a sheave at the precise speed required, relative to the drum and rope diameter, to stow the rope neatly on the drum. There are limit switches to stop the car at each end of the spindle.

The RW1 is available in six sizes, from 1,500kg to 18,000kg pulling force, and operates in system with the unique Rondal deck-level feeder.