Think Ahead

The superyacht industry has witnessed an unparalleled acceleration in technological change as owners and crew seek enhanced amenity, performance, sail handling and yacht operating systems.

As yachts have grown in size and complexity, interiors have developed to offer levels of luxury previous experienced only in a home or hotel, and usage has extended from coastal cruising and ocean passage-making to embrace seriously competitive regatta sailing. As new sail materials have increased performance and efficiency, the loads they place on sail management systems have increased exponentially.

To design and engineer yacht equipment that simply meets today’s requirements is hardly an adequate response to such developments. THINK AHEAD is therefore the mantra that informs everything we do at Rondal, every decision we take. How can we employ new materials? How can we anticipate new developments in sail technology and sail handling? How can we meet expectations for lighter weight, enhanced customisation and increasingly minimalist styling without sacrificing long term reliability and performance?

When yards and project managers come to Rondal to seek innovative and reliable solutions they can be certain they’ll be talking to people who’ll say: “Let’s think ahead”.