Infrastructure & Skills

Rondal operates from a 7,600m2 purpose-built factory where its highly skilled team has access to leading edge design engineering software, machine tools and equipment.  Products are fabricated from alloy, stainless steel and carbon composite.
The facilities include an 810m2 composites hall for the fabrication of seamless spars of virtually any specified length as well as structures such as deck-houses and components. Computer-programmed cutting tables for carbon panels ensure fast cutting with high accuracy and low-wastage.

The team’s design and engineering skills are complemented by easily accessed technical knowledge and advice from the production, service and sales teams offering you the ultimate sounding board for your project: What do you need to achieve? What are the challenges? What are the options? What is the recommended solution? Just ask Rondal!

Everything we do is backed by unrivalled service and support – wherever in the world it may be required.

Rondal co-operates with specialised marine industry contractors and forms strategic partnerships with specialists from other industries. This keeps Rondal in touch with a wide range of emerging technologies that can be adapted to provide further innovations for customers.