Thinking ahead since 1975

Rondal’s international reputation for quality and reliability has been built over nearly four decades. The company was launched in 1975 as a subsidiary of Royal Huisman by Wolter Huisman, whose vision, pioneering spirit, engineering inventiveness and perfectionism have all become something of a legend.

Rondal began by building aluminium masts, deck gear and winches for series production yachts and then for offshore racing yachts; this hard testing ground soon confirmed Rondal as the name of choice. In 1976 Rondal supplied the custom mast for Flyer, which won the first Whitbread Round the World Race. In 1982, Flyer II – again equipped by Rondal – won the second Whitbread, sealing Rondal’s reputation for innovation, quality and reliability in the toughest ocean conditions.

Rondal evolved rapidly to meet the new challenges of maxi racing yachts before moving into the entirely uncharted territory of the first superyachts, where the company’s ability to design and build utterly dependable rigs and equipment for unprecedented sizes and loads came to the fore. As these yachts have grown in size and sophistication (from 30m to 90m+) Rondal has, as always, pioneered rather than simply followed standard practice. New techniques, new materials, new ways of solving seemingly insurmountable challenges – these have all contributed to an embedded culture of forward thinking.