New Rondal Sales Manager at the helm


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New Rondal Sales Manager at the helm

Rondal has appointed Rudy Jurg Sales Manager as of 4 October 2021. Throughout his career, Rudy gathered extensive knowledge of composites in particular, and the marine industry in general, and we are delighted to announce this important step in strengthening the Rondal team. We are confident that Rudy’s expertise will provide a decisive contribution towards the realization of our goal to become the marine industries leading composite manufacturer in the coming years. To quote Rudy: “I have worked closely with Rondal for over 18 years as a supplier of composite materials and am thrilled to join the team. Always enjoyed working with this company!

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Rondal Review #17

Please find below the Rondal Review #17 - summer edition - with news and updates about: 

Harald Lubbinge, new Managing Director
Captive performance winches optimisation
New spreader design
Radarmast M/Y Broadwater

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Jeoen Sirag cres

Jeroen Sirag takes up senior marketing role at Royal Huisman, Huisfit and Rondal

Royal Huisman’s drive to fully develop the potential of the group’s brands has taken a major step forward with the appointment of Jeroen Sirag. Jeroen has been appointed Marketing Director from 1st July 2021with overall responsibility for global marketing strategy and operations at Royal Huisman, Rondal and Huisfit. Jeroen joins a new strategic leadership team, alongside Royal Huisman Commercial Director Peter Naeyé and headed by CEO Jan Timmerman, reflecting Royal Huisman’s strong commitment to investment in the shipyard’s future. The aim is to take fullest advantage of existing- and emerging market opportunities while – of equal importance – securing the business against new challenges. Jeroen’s assignment is to introduce a new level of strategic planning and marketing to the superyacht sector.

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SEA EAGLE II Integrated sailing system Rondal E

SEA EAGLE II Integrated Sailing System

Just launched in Amsterdam after her sea trials were completed in the North Sea, SEA EAGLE II is now on her way to explore the seven seas. With her 81mtr LOA, she is the largest aluminum sailing yacht in the world. SEA EAGLE II, the impressive and already iconic superyacht, was built by Rondal’s sister company Royal Huisman, and designed by Dykstra Naval Architects and Mark Whiteley Design. Her three carbon composite equally tall masts are equipped with advanced Rondal furling booms, which are styled and shaped to match the design of the yacht. Additionally, the aft and main mast are equipped with staysails for reaching courses.

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One piece mast & Out of Autoclave manufacturing

Rondal is the only company in the world capable of building a 60+mtr superyacht sailing mast in one piece. How do they do that: Rondal was an early adopter of the innovative OOA (Out of Autoclave) method and has since, for decades now, mastered the art. This allows Rondal to produce without the limitations and expenses of an autoclave. Many mast builders still stick (or shall we say ‘are stuck’?) to conventional and inept autoclave manufacturing at high costs, forcing themselves to build masts in multiple sections which subsequently have to be bolted together. This method doesn’t keep things ‘simple’, lean or elegant.

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Rondal RH400 rudder test

Load sensing rudder

Traditionally, rudder stocks of ships and very large yachts are built using stainless steel / SAF metal alloy. Because of increasingly higher performance demands, rudder blades designs tend to be thinner. This, of course, poses a challenge in terms of strength as high forces can build up when the rudder is subjected to high loads when sailing. To cope with these enormous forces while maintaining a high performance design. A better – stronger material was chosen; carbon UD fibre composite laminates.

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