This is Rondal

This is Rondal

Our way demands excellence.

At Rondal, it is our spirit that drives us to design, engineer and build some of the world’s best composite spars and components for the world’s most outstanding superyachts.

We are a team of over 65 craftsmen and trade apprentices dedicated to honouring our traditions of excellence whilst continuing to push new boundaries in superyacht composite development.

Rondal was founded by Royal Huisman Shipyard and continues to work with the shipyard whilst building strong relationships with other award-winning international boat builders.

Our values come from a passion for yachts and the utmost respect of the sea.

Meet the team

Harald Lubbinge

Managing Director

“It’s great to be able to combine your hobby with your profession in a beautiful marine environment, where I will
feel honoured to lead Rondal and contribute to the growth and development of a truly extraordinary company.”

Harald Lubbinge - Managing Director

Rudy Jurg

Sales Manager

“All my life I have been a keen sailor and competed in regattas around the world, ranging from keelboats to superyachts. This hands-on knowledge of what happens at sea greatly helps me to understand the demands placed on our products and how they interact with the whole vessel. Like the rest of the Rondal team I take great pride in the quality, beauty and functionality of our products."

Rudy Jurg - Sales Manager

Wim Mooiweer

Sales Manager

When asked what is one of the most important parts of his job Wim replied, “I always try to make sure that I send a familiar face to do the service work. This ensures that the project starts in a positive way and generally continues throughout. Being a good sailor doesn’t make you good at rigging - experience makes you good at rigging”

Wim Mooiweer - Sales Manager

Adri Wolf

Production Manager - Composite

When asked about composite construction and design Adri will say, “Composite is beautiful, everything is possible. I can build everything out of composite, it is a relatively new material and that makes it fun to work with. There is a lot yet to be discovered.”

Adri Wolf - Production Manager - Composite

Leonard Smit

Service and aftersales

With 25 years working with Rondal products it is my job to keep the fleet alive with our global service to ensure that our support never leaves the yacht. I am proud of our products and never miss the opportunity to keep our clients happy and confident with everything we build.

Leonard Smit - Service and aftersales

Berend Bosgraaf

Service Coordinator

"Having worked in Rondal’s engineering department for 20 years, I joined the service team as a Rondal service coordinator 4 years ago. In this capacity, I use my enthusiasm and determination to assist our customers as much as possible, and coordinate a wide range of service jobs to a successful conclusion."

Berend Bosgraaf - Service Coordinator

Henk van der Vaart

Service Coordinator

"After more than 30 years as a captain on mostly Grand Prix yachts, my 'field experience' will be of great value to the Rondal company."

Henk van der Vaart - Service Coordinator

Maurice Bijma

Lead Engineer - Sailing Systems

“In every project we learn 2 or 3 new things, sometimes more. This can be small things like where to place the halyard clutch or a whole new design at the head of the mast. Collaboration leads to the successful outcome of our projects but on a human level, adds friendships, respect and interest in our individual lives.”

Maurice Bijma - Lead Engineer - Sailing Systems

Ard Ritsema

Lead Engineer – Winches, Feeders and Deck Equipment

The superyacht industry requires powerful winch performance but also a designer’s eye to the structural aesthetics. “Our winches are seaworthy and will last a lifetime. We took the winches off S/Y Juliet recently for maintenance during her refit, even after 35 years they still look and function as if they were built yesterday.”

Ard Ritsema - Lead Engineer – Winches, Feeders and Deck Equipment

Bart van der Meer

Engineer - Sailing Systems

I am a naval architect – my career was born from my desire to design, engineer and build the classic pilot cutter I spent my childhood sailing on. Every day at Rondal, I am challenged to guide our clients in balancing the functionality, performance and aesthetics of our integrated sailing systems.

Bart van der Meer - Engineer - Sailing Systems

Edoard Volpe

Engineer - Sailing Systems

When I turned 18, I moved to Genova to study yacht engineering, I fell in love with the physics and engineering that moves a sailing yacht through the water. I continued my studies in the Netherlands, specializing on composite structures and offshore loads (wind and waves). At Rondal, I design the masts from concept to handing over the engineering and service details to the captain and crew.

Edoard Volpe - Engineer - Sailing Systems

Dave Arends


When I began my career at Rondal our focus was on mast & boom construction, but with the innovation in building methods using the latest composite materials we have been able to expand into building superior composite structures for both sailing and motor yachts. What motivates me on a daily basis is the desire to gain perfect outcomes both with what we build and within my team.

Dave Arends - Composites

Gerard Reezigt

Lead Engineer - Hatches and Entrances

Gerard is leading the internal development of the Rondal hatch program at the moment but also oversees the design and build of entrances, windbreaks and companionways. Gerard’s end goal is to unburden the client. “It’s the small things that are most easily forgotten, however it’s also the small things that make the difference.”

Gerard Reezigt - Lead Engineer - Hatches and Entrances

Jason Vaasen

Project manager

“If I had to choose just a few words about my role at Rondal, they would probably be ’variety’, ‘stimulation’, ‘challenge’ and ‘reward’. There really is never a dull moment for me here. I specialize in sail handling systems – spars, rigging, booms, winches and feeders – and, as any sailor knows, this is the ‘sharp end’ of sailing, where the excitement and responsibility must come together. I have overseen production and delivery of rig packages (doors too) for many high profile projects.”

Jason Vaasen - Project manager

Matthijs van de Kieft

Project manager

“For me, the balance of life is very important. My role demands that I employ structured working, planning and budgeting methods and focused training to make my projects run like a well-oiled machine. It helps that I can draw on a broad background of technical knowledge and communication techniques to appraise and resolve the challenges. By contrast, then, I love to experience the natural world and visit places where the quality of life is determined by an unhurried, ‘less is more’ culture."

Matthijs van de Kieft - Project manager

Jelle-Jan de Jong

Project manager

"From an early age on, I have had an enormous intrinsic interest in a wide variety of technologies and the Dutch shipbuilding industry. In my opinion, there is nothing better than being able to combine these two worlds. I’m always looking for opportunities to improve both myself and my environment, and as it happens, this is synonymous with Rondals philosophy. Think ahead!"

Jelle-Jan de Jong - Project manager